The best artifacts for Diluc are, without a doubt, those that prioritize raw damage above all else. Any good Diluc artifact build should be well-curated to weed out subpar stats like Defense or HP in favor of damage-oriented stats like Attack, Crit Rate, Attack, Crit Damage, Attack, or Elemental Mastery.
Oct 22, 2020 · Genshin Impact Diluc Character Guide Who is Diluc? Diluc is the wealthiest person in Mondstadt who has sworn to protect the city against whoever wishes bad for it. He is a fire elemental character with elemental burst and charged attacks being his strength. Claymore is his weapon and he has a 5-star rarity. What are Diluc’s Talents (Skills ...

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Europe/EU Genshin Impact Diluc Keqing Childe QiQi Jean Klee Mona Venti Zhongli. AU $2.56. Free shipping
diluc insists that he is not liked by children but he’s always the one saddled with them anyway. in truth, he’s half-right. kids don’t like how grumpy he looks but after a while, they realize that he has a nice heart underneath that frown of his and make it their tiny live’s goal to make him smile. diluc would like for them to not make any more trouble than they already have please

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Best SWGOH teams for each phase of Challenge Tier Rancor raid Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has been pumping out content consistently in the second half of 2020. The most notable…
What could be the best diluc&mona team? Currently with a C4 sucrose, C0 Diluc, Mona, Albedo, Bennet, Xinyan, Xiangling, Chongyun, and a C1 Fischl.

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Sep 01, 2020 · Level 88 Diluc has 69.4% crit rate and the damage is 88.1%. But that's about as good as it's gonna get for me. I will still do domains for a +pyro damage piece but I'm not gonna do them indefinitely for more crit stufff on my sub-stats. I had a +crit damage head piece but my crit rate was terrible, like 30% or some shyt. Fred.
This will be a book full of One-shot stories of Genshin Impact x Reader stories which I will explain more on my request page. If you don't know what Genshin Impact is, it is a free game on PC, Mobile, and PS4 that I would highly recommend if you played and enjoyed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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- Razor Cons 1 Lv. 90 Weapon: Serpent Spine (Battle Pass) Lv. 90 Talents Lv. 10/6/8 - Diluc Lv. 80 Weapon: Prototype Aminus (Craft) Refine 2 Lv. 90 Talents Lv. 2/2/8 - Keqing Cons 1 Lv. 60 Weapon: Lion's Roar (Gacha) Lv.60 Talents Lv. 6/1/1 - Klee Lv 80 Weapon: Solar Pearl (Battle Pass) Lv. 90 Talents Lv. 8/2/2 - Barbara Cons 2 Lv. 69 Weapon: Prototype Malice (Craft) Lv. 80 Talents Lv. 2/2/2 ...

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